10 Lazy Ways To Make Money Online

So, by lazy I mean literally it takes very little effort and that anyone can do it, and as always, the easier it is for someone to do something the less money you’re going to get paid for it. So, to make sure you don’t end up with pennies, I’m going to slow but surely go from very easy to less easy but it’s all easy.

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1. Listen to music to make money or watch music videos or review music to get money

So here are the resources you can use to get paid for this stuff

You can go to Research.Fm

Also Hitpredictor


2. Watching Movies and videos to make money

Inbox dollar and other survey websites, its like pennies per videos in my opinion a waste of time


Nielsen’s Research

Netflix tagger 100k per year is the rumor

3. Beta Tester



The idea is simple you test software and different things, and find bugs and get paid to do it

4. Food tester

Mcdonalds and all those big companies need people to come in and taste new menu ideas

You might be looking at $33 an hour

5. Affiliate marketing

Click bank

For example I use audible I can create an amazon affiliate website, recommend the app to a friend and get paid $5

6. Making YouTube videos

Pick a topic you like that you would talk about for free

For me it’s money and start making content

It’s lazy because it doesn’t feel like work if you enjoy it

7. Selling pictures or stock footage

Shutter stock

Getty images

iStock photos

8. Secret Shopper

Field Agent app

Or just search secret shopper jobs

9. Make money by typing

Transcribing content

Making blogs from videos footage

Fiverr and Upwork has a lot of these jobs

10. Voice over Artist

Fiverr, Upwork and remote co

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